eBooks & Audiobooks

eBooks & Audiobooks


OverDrive has made it even easier to read eBooks and magazines, and  listen to audiobooks. For a great introduction, take a look at this page for basic steps on getting started and more.

As of February 23, 2022, the Overdrive app will no longer be available on app stores. Overdrive is starting the transition to make the Libby App the primary way to enjoy your digital library. Click here for more information in regards to this transition.

Click here for a helpful guide on how to use the Libby app

For instructions on how to download or stream your digital loan, including how to send to a Kindle reader, visit OverDrive Help or Libby App Help.

What is the difference between the OverDrive and Libby apps?

Both Libby and OverDrive allow to you to borrow and enjoy our digital collection.

The Libby App is the newest app from OverDrive. It is easy to navigate, you are always one-tap away from your current ebook or audiobook. The Libby app also makes it easy to switch between multiple library collections and find all your loans and holds on one “shelf”.

The OverDrive app is the “classic app”, and includes some features that are not yet available in the Libby app, such as streaming video, recommendations, as well as compatibility with Kindle Fire, mp3 players, and screen readers.