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For Teachers

Assignment Alerts

Educators are encouraged to send information about upcoming assignments to the library by using our Assignment Alert Form. The more notice we have, the better we are able to serve you and your students by having relevant materials on hand.

Classroom Visits

The library welcomes class visits. Library staff can give tours of the library and show students how to find resources. Librarians can also do outreach visits to classrooms. To ensure that we have adequate staff coverage, at least two weeks notice must be given. To set up an outreach visit or a class visit to the library, contact Cathy Dewitt

Research Assistance

In addition to helping you find print resources, librarians can help you access online resources which provide access to contemporary and historical magazines, journals and newspapers.

Ellison Die-Cut List

The Ellison Letter Machine is a versatile tool. It cuts anything scissors can cut in a fraction of the time, such as: construction paper, sponge, cardboard, fabric, wallpaper, and contact paper.

Patrons may use the Ellison Letter Machine in the Children’s Department during our regular hours. Call 978-352-5728 ext. 3 to make an appointment. There is no charge to use the Ellison Machine; however, you must provide your own materials to be cut.