What is R4R?
R4R stands for Recommendation for Recommendation. Teens in grades 6-12 may recommend a book, TV show or podcast they want Emily the teen librarian to read, listen to or watch.  Emily will recommend a book for you to read in exchange for her reading/watching/listening to your choice.  Afterwards, the teen and Emily will both write their review of what they were given.  It will be posted on the teen section of our website – good, bad and ugly!

How much can I recommend?
Great question! That depends on how much you want to read.  You can recommend anything from 1 episode of a show to a season of the show or even the entire series! (Same goes for books.  It can be 1 book or an entire series)  Just remember – the amount of books Emily recommends for you depends on how much you recommended to her.  It’s a fair trade.  🙂

How do I sign up?
Register on the form below! Each teen may only make 1 recommendation per round, as space is limited.  The form will be open until we have ten submissions.  When we’ve completed those ten, the form will open again for a new round of recommendations.  If you made a recommendation in the first round, you can make another in the next round.

Why is R4R closed?
If R4R is closed, we’ve reached our ten submissions! Don’t worry, it will open again.  Please keep an eye on this page for further details.

I want to recommend something other than a book, tv show or podcast!  Can I?
Most likely.  Send Emily an email at ehavey@georgetownpl.org with your suggestion and we can discuss it. 🙂

Help! I have more questions!
No problem.  Send Emily an email at ehavey@georgetownpl.org with any questions you may have.


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