Masks are required to enter the building.
Masks are required to enter the building.
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Safe Child Policy


The Georgetown Peabody Library welcomes minors of all ages to utilize our materials and services. It is a doorway through which life-long learning may take place. The Library is a very busy place and staff members have many duties to perform in order to serve everyone who comes to visit. The Library encourages frequent visits by minors and their families. However, Library staff cannot provide child care or assume responsibility for the safety of minors. Parents, guardians, teachers and caregivers, not Library staff, are responsible for the behavior and safety of minors under their supervision visiting the Library. Staff cannot be placed in the position of supervising unattended minors.

Minors must know how to reach an adult in case of an emergency, and both minors and adults need to be aware of library hours. The staff of the Library is also concerned about the safety of minors who may remain in the Library at closing time. A minor who does not have firm arrangements for transportation should be encouraged to begin calling for a ride at least fifteen minutes prior to closing time.


The Library does not assume responsibility for caring for minors, nor does the Library assume responsibility for minors left at the Library at closing time. At no time will the Library be considered in loco parentis. A minor left alone in the Library will be considered “at risk” and appropriate action will be taken.  If the Library is closing, at a regular time or in an emergency situation, and a parent or guardian of a minor cannot be located in the building, Library staff will contact the Georgetown Police Department for assistance.

For the safety and consideration of all our patrons, no minor under the age of eight years old may be left unattended in the Library at any time. Minors under the age of eight must be accompanied by a parent, sibling, caregiver, or other responsible adult that is at least sixteen years of age. The Library is not responsible for any consequences of parents, guardians or caregivers failing to meet their responsibilities.

In the case of Youth Program attendance where the parent is not sitting with the minor, the accompanying adult must remain in the Library for the duration of the Youth Program. At all times, minors must abide by the Library Use Policy.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees on 3/9/2016.