Masks are required to enter the building.
Masks are required to enter the building.

Meeting Room Policy


The Georgetown Peabody Library exists for the purpose of providing library services for residents of Georgetown, Massachusetts. The Library’s meeting rooms are used primarily for Library programs but may be used by non-profit and non-commercial groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activities. The meeting room shall be made available to such groups on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use. The Library shall not discriminate on the basis of the political or religious beliefs of groups seeking to use a Library meeting room, or on any other constitutionally or statutorily-prohibited basis.  However, the provision of the meeting room space is not the primary mission of the Library, and must always be subordinate to the paramount need to provide a safe, peaceful, respectful environment. No use of the meeting rooms will be allowed that is likely to disturb library patrons in their customary use of library facilities, impede Library staff in the performance of their duties, or endanger the Library building or collection.


When the meeting rooms are not being used for Library programs, the Library staff welcomes the use of the meetings rooms by non-profit and non-commercial groups on a first-come, first-serve basis. Such use of the rooms must be free and open to the public. A group’s use of the Library’s meeting rooms does not imply endorsement of the group’s policies, beliefs, or programs by the Georgetown Peabody Library.

All requests to use the meeting rooms must be made in advance by a resident who takes responsibility for the group’s compliance with this policy. Minors may not reserve the meeting rooms. You must inform Library staff forty-eight (48) hours beforehand if you no longer need to use the meeting rooms. Failure to do so may result in loss of use of the meeting rooms.

Smoking and alcohol are prohibited. Light refreshments are permitted provided the group cleans up. No food is to be left on the premises. A small kitchenette is adjacent to the Meeting Room and may be used by groups using the Meeting Room, provided that the area is completely cleaned by the group after the meeting.

The meeting rooms are available during regular Library hours. With prior arrangement, the meeting rooms may be offered extended use on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings until 9 pm. A fee of $25 is required to reserve the room until 9 p.m. to facilitate necessary Library staffing.  Checks shall be made payable to the Georgetown Peabody Library. The meeting rooms will be unavailable when the Library is closed for holidays or due to weather related or other emergency closures. The occupancy limits are as follows: eighty (80) persons for the Meeting Room, ten (10) persons for the Local History Room and twenty-two (22) persons for the Community Room.

The meeting rooms will be scheduled according to the following priorities:

  • Library related meetings or programs
  • Municipal meetings
  • Local non-profit or non-commercial groups, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Exceptions to this Policy may be made at the discretion of the Library Director and/or the Board of Library Trustees. Failure to follow this Policy may result in loss of use of the meeting rooms. The Library staff reserves the right to reject a reservation request if the anticipated meeting is likely to be unreasonable disruptive to regular library functions, too large for the applicable room capacity, disorderly, dangerous to persons or property, or in any other way inconsistent with or in contravention of any of the terms and conditions of this Policy.

Meeting rooms shall not be used for entrepreneurial or commercial purposes, for the solicitation of business, for profit or for fundraising other than fundraising that supports the Library, unless specifically permitted by the Library. No goods or services shall be promoted, sold or exchanged upon the premises or by sample, pictures, or descriptions. Groups using Library meeting rooms must not use advertising and publicity which imply that their programs are sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed or approved by the Library, unless written permission to do so has been previously given by the Library.

All organizations or groups shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Library and the Town of Georgetown, as well as its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, suits, actions of any kind, arising and resulting and accruing from any negligent or wrongful act, omission or error of the organization or group resulting in or relating to personal injuries or property damage arising from the organization/group’s use of a Library meeting room.


The Georgetown Peabody Library Local History Collection contains current and historical materials relating to the people and history of Georgetown and the surrounding geographical area. The collection consists of books, census records, microfilm, CDs, and church and family histories.

The Local History Room and its collection, equipment, and furnishings are to be used primarily for the purpose of local history research and related activities. If the room is available, individual quiet study is permitted. Materials are placed in the history room collection because they are unique, costly to replace or irreplaceable. Many are one-of-a-kind and in fragile condition. Therefore, in the interest of preservation and security, certain restrictions must be placed on their access, use, and care.

All materials in the Local History Room are considered reference materials and may not be taken out of the room or building for any reason unless approved by the staff. Violation of this policy will result in loss of access to the Local History Room and Local History Collection.

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Approved by the Board of Trustees on 3/9/2016.