Week 8 Summer Activities (8/10)

1.  Nursery Rhyme Fun

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
Pat it and prick it, and mark it with a “b” (or fill in your child’s initial)
And put it in the over for baby (or your child’s name) and me!

Draw a cookie jar.  Draw circles inside the jar and put numbers 1-10 on the circles.  Cut out 10 circles from brown paper.  Draw dots on each circle, 1-10 so that the number of dots on the cookie will match the number on the circle.  Have your child count the dots on each cookie and place it on the correct number in the cookie jar.Variations: Write out the number and have your child count the dots and read the correct number to match.  Write lowercase letters on the circles and uppercase letters on the cookie so that your child can match them.This activity is a fun way to reinforce number recognition and counting.  If you have the number written, or letters then your child can also work on their letter recognition and reading skills. (If you would like, you can visit https://www.totschooling.net/2015/12/cookies-number-matching-printable.html and print a copy of the above picture and matching cookies.)

2.  Family Fun

Wizard Charades Activity
This is a great game to play with other family members.
The child who is the “wizard” puts a “magic hat” (use any hat) on another child. The
child with the “magic hat” says:

“Wizard, wizard
Please do tell
What did I become
When you cast your spell?”

The “wizard” whispers the name of an animal (such as a toad, snake or cat) or object (such as a car, table or spoon) to that child, who has to act out that animal or object. Everyone else must guess what the object or animal is.

3.  Arts and Crafts Fun

Make your own magic wand.   Find a stick or use a chopstick as your base.  Wrap/decorate it with materials you have at home such as yarn, ribbon, paint, beads, clay, scraps of tissue paper or other paper.  Get creative.

4.  Writing and Drawing Fun

Paul Bunyan was part of the Unites States Folklore.  Fill out a fun Paul Bunyan Mad Lib