Week 7 Summer Activities (8/3)

1. Rhyming Fun

Down at the station, early in the morning,
See the little puffer-billed all in a row;
See the engine driver pull his little lever–
Puff puff, peep peep, off we go!

Cut out a train engine, wheels, and squares or rectangles for the train cars.  Write, or have your child write, the letters of their name on the individual train cars.  Give them a large piece of paper and have them glue the train engine, the train cars with their letters, and the wheels so that it becomes a train that spells their name.This activity is a fun and creative way for them to learn the individual letters of their name.  Be sure to point out each letter and have them sound out each letter as well as reading their whole name.

Using construction paper, make a train with one of each color car.  Have your child gather items from around the house and place them on the correct color “train car.”  Variation:  Tell your child which color to look for and bring items back for.  If you have more than one child doing the activity, make several trains and have the children see who can fill up their train first.This activity reinforces color recognition through real life objects.  This can also help your child recognize that there are different shades of colors.

2. Family Fun/STEM Fun

Building Challenge.   Build a tower for Rapunzel.  Use whatever materials you have at home (LEGO’s, blocks, boxes, paper, etc)  Work together or try to see who can build the tallest, most colorful, most creative, etc.  Then figure out how Rapunzel can escape from the tower.   

3.  Arts and Crafts

Watch a sunrise or sunset (or find pictures).  Draw, paint, or sculpt your own sunrise/sunset.

4.  Writing/ Drawing Fun

Happily Ever After Do you ever wonder about what happened after the “Happily Ever After”? Or what happened that made it so happy? Or maybe it wasn’t happy at all? Think of your favorite fairy tale that ends with “happily ever after” and write what happened after!