Week 2 Summer Activities (June 29)

1. Nursery Rhyme Fun:

Jack Be Nimble Movement Game

Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick,
Jack jump over
The candlestick!

Create a paper candle stick and have your child jump over the candle while reciting the rhyme.  Get creative, replace Jack with your child’s name.  Have you child go around, go under, skip, crawl, etc..
This idea came from https://www.pre-kpages.com/jack-be-nimble-gross-motor-activity/

2. Family Fun

Fort building challenge.  Use what you have in your house to build a glorious fort.  Try to make it big enough so the adults can fit.  Looking for inspiration?  Check out Ikea’s page on how to build a fort.

3. Arts and Crafts Fun

Magical Fairy Tale masks!  Print out the PDF’s linked below.  Feel free to decorate them any way you want.  Then create more masks, hats, costumes to go along with them.  Have fun.

Dragon Mask
Fancy Mask
Knight’s Helmet
Unicorn Mask

4. Writing/Drawing Fun

Quest Letter:  Imagine you are playing outside one day when a carrier pigeon drops a piece of rolled up parchment into your lap. You carefully unroll it. Inside it tells you you must save the day! Write or draw what the letter says. Include who/what you are being called to save, why, and what the journey will look like to get there.
Feel free to use the journal provided in the summer reading kit (email cdewitt@georgetownpl.org to get one) or use any journal/notebook/piece of paper.