Community Drive

The Georgetown Peabody Library is proud to be a Project 351 impact site in support of the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund’s inspiring mission to create 1,000 care packages for local troops serving overseas and the New England Center for Home and Veterans’ mission to support local veterans struggling with homelessness.

This drive will begin on Monday, August 12 and end on Wednesday, September 4.

The donation box is located in the Library’s main entrance lobby. Please donate these wish list items:

  • Powdered Drink Mix (​Single Serve)
  • Hand Sanitizers ​ ​(Travel Size)
  • Shampoo ​(sulfate-free) ​ Full Size Preferred
  • Snacks​ (dried fruit, nuts, hard candy, etc.)​ ​ ​Single Serve
  • Sunscreen Wipes ​ ​(Any Variety)
  • Bug Spray Wipes ​ (Any Variety)

Please contact Sam Mroz, Project 351 Alumni from Georgetown, at with any questions. Thank you!