How Blue Can You Get?

How Blue Can You Get is a multi-part lecture and concert series sponsored by Boxford Cable TV. The five lectures and two concerts are FREE and no registration is required. All concerts begin at 6:30 pm. Locations include the Middleton Library, Gould Barn in Topsfield, Boxford Library, Topsfield Library and the Georgetown Peabody Library.

Wednesday 7/10/19 Middleton Library Lecture 1: The Basics – Pitch, Scales, Harmony & Time
Wednesday 7/17/19 Gould Barn Topsfield Concert 1: 2120 South Michigan Avenue Blues Band
Wednesday 7/24/19 Middleton Library Lecture 2: Blues versus Jazz and Rock and Roll
Wednesday 7/31/19 Boxford Library Lecture 3: Kings – BB, Paul Butterfield, Little Walter
Thursday 8/8/19 Topsfield Library Lecture 4: Amped Up – Electric Guitar, B3 Organ, Blues Harp 
Tuesday 8/13/19 Georgetown Library Lecture 5: Listening – Theory of Solo
Wednesday 8/21/19 Georgetown Library Concert 2: 2120 South Michigan Avenue Blues  Band