Local History

The Local History Room is located on the second floor at the Georgetown Peabody Library. The focus of the collection includes materials about the history of Georgetown, Massachusetts, and the surrounding geographical area including the Merrimack Valley that establish Georgetown within its historical context.

The Local History collection includes books, pamphlets, reports, newspapers, yearbooks, manuscripts, documents, microfilms, photographic negatives, and more. Materials in the Local History Room are non-circulating, but many of the books about Georgetown are also available in our circulating collection and may be checked out.

Items in the Local History Room include:

  • Georgetown Annual Reports (1842 – present)
  • Newspapers: Georgetown Advocate (1874 – 1899), The Enterprise (1964 – 1965), The Georgetown News (1962 – 1966), The Georgetown Weekly (1978 – 1983), Georgetown Record (1982 – present)
  • Georgetown High School Yearbooks
  • Georgetown Street Lists
  • Historic Properties Surveys
  • Massachusetts Contingency Plans

We’ve added online digital collections from the Local History Room including the Georgetown Annual Reports and Georgetown Newspapers. This new digital library project is designed to make historical collections relating to the town of Georgetown, Massachusetts, more easily accessible to the public via the Worldwide Web. It is a work in progress!

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