Stress Reduction Class – Mon., Sept. 19 at 7PM

Join Sally Palmer as you learn how to quiet the noise and understand the source of your stress. Areas of focus will include test taking anxiety, social pressures and media, self-perception and coping skills.

This class is recommended for both teens and adults.

Please register below or call the Library (978-352-5728).

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Evening Book Group – September

Join us on Monday, September 12 at 7 PM in the Local History Room as we discuss what we all read over the summer! Stop in to tell us what you read over the summer and add some more books to your to-read list!

We will also select books for our book discussion meetings. Our book group discusses both fiction and non-fiction.

New members are always welcome whether you can come to one discussion night or all of them this year!

For more information about the Evening Book Group, click here!

Liquid Vitality: Juicing and Smoothies

Join Alethea Copelas on Wednesday, August 3 at 7PM for a talk and demo where she will discuss the health benefits of fresh pressed juices and smoothies. Alethea is a Plant-Based Chef, Author and Food Educator. Samples of the juices and smoothies will be served and her cookbook, The Inspired Plate, will be available for purchase.

If you have ever wondered if one is better than the other then this is the program for you!

Please register below or call the Library (978-352-5728).

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Intro to Qi Gong

Join Allison Sloan on Wednesday, July 27 at 6:30 PM as she demonstrates the 18 forms of Tai Chi Qi Gong, and teaches as many as time allows, usually 5 or 6 forms comfortably. Allison is a certified 200 hour yoga instructor through Finding Inner Peace and a member of Yoga Alliance,

If people are physically unable to stand and balance, this exercise/meditation can be practiced seated. Please wear comfortable, flexible clothing, and flat sneakers or shoes, or barefoot.

Registration is required. Please call the Library (978-352-5728) or sign up below:

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Declutter for Good Heath

Join Andover resident and professional organizer, Nancy Patsios, on Wednesday, July 13 at 6:30 PM as she share tips on decluttering your home or office to enhance good health. 

Nancy Patsios is the owner of everyday ORGANiZiNG, which was established in 2012.  She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the local NAPO New England Chapter and is insured. Nancy currently serves as the Coordinator for the NAPO-NE Chapter NAPO CARES Quantum Leap program, a community service effort offering organizing classes to disadvantaged women striving to make a positive transition in their lives. 

Registration is required. Please call the Library (978-352-5728) or sign up below:

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Reducing Stress through Meditation

Join Dr. Allan Hughes on Saturday, June 11 at 11 AM as he discusses the extraordinary effect of meditation to reduce stress-related responses, improve concentration, enhance clarity of thought and mental equilibrium. He will also present a simple, yet powerful meditation technique that can enrich your life personally, professionally and spiritually.

Registration is required. Please call the Library at 978-352-5728 or sign up below:

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Vintage Sewing Machine Restoration and Maintenance

Join Terry Palardy on Monday, May 23 at 6:30PM as she presents the history of sewing machines from the mid-19th century to present day. A display of vintage sewing machines will be on hand for view and demonstration by Terry.

Free Presentation! Pre-Registration is appreciated, but not required.
Please call the library (978-352-5728) or come in to sign up.

Terry Palardy is the owner of Quilter’s Quarters located in Georgetown. She volunteers as the Company Clerk for Erie 4 Fire Association ~ the oldest, still-privately-funded fire company operating within a municipal fire department in the United States. She is also  vice president and co-treasurer for the Friends of the Georgetown Peabody Library.

The Gifts of Chronic Illness

Join Wendy Johnston on Tuesday, May 17 at 6PM as she discusses the causes and common elements of autoimmune disorders, as well as offer information on how to restore health to the body. Although the emphasis of the talk will be on chronic illness, its message can be applied to any adversity one faces in life.

As the toxins in our environment and in our food increase,  more and more people are becoming chronically sick with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and many other autoimmune disorders. Over 45% of Americans are currently suffering from chronic illnesses, with the numbers rapidly rising. Wendy Johnston is one of those people.

Free Program! Pre-Registration is Appreciated, but not required.
Please call the library (978-352-5728) or come in to sign up.

Wendy Johnston has a degree in biology and has worked in a biochemistry lab at MIT for 16 years. In the past year, she has conducted her own research in the fields of nutrition, current scientific literature, and mind-body healing. She desires to offer hope to others who are currently struggling with chronic health conditions.