Flying Aces Club Airplane Exhibit

An airplane exhibit will be held at the Library from Saturday, February 3 through the end of March. There will be over 100 models as well as exhibits illustrating the building and flying of these models. A lecture and tour of the exhibit will be on Saturday, February 3 starting at 11 am.

The Flying Aces Club is a group of like-minded individuals that enjoying building and flying rubber band powered stick and tissue model airplanes as well as preserving the history of aviation. The FAC is a national organization and our local chapter can be contacted online at Stealth Squadron FAC #49. Club members build and fly models from all eras and nations. Some of the most popular classes include racing planes of the 1930s as well as aircraft from World War I and World War II.

For more information about the exhibit and the Flying Aces Club, please contact Richard Zapf at