Stephen Puleo is Returning to Georgetown Peabody Library

puleoAuthor Stephen Puleo, who has presented several of his historical books, will be here again on Saturday, March 9th, at 10:00 am. As this is a fundraising pressentation for both the Friends of the Library projects, and for the AAUW scholarships, tickets are being sold for $12, or two for $20. Tickets may be purchased ahead of time at the desk. As space is limited, tickets purchased at the door will be sold as available.

Stephen Puleo will be sharing information from his newest title, The Caning. Here are some reviews that have celebrated this rarely discussed moment in Massachusetts history: with quotes from Stephen Puleo’s publisher, and from well known book reviewers:

Author and historian Stephen Puleo’s fifth book, The Caning , tells the incredible story of a trans-formative event in American history: the beating of renowned anti – slavery Senator Charles Sumner by ardent pro – slavery Congressman Preston S. Brooks in the U.S. Senate chamber in May 1856.
The book was selected by the History Book Club, the Military Book Club, and as an alternate selection of Book of the Month Club.
 Published in October of 2012, the book has won critical praise for its riveting portrayal of the incident, its detailed biographic profiles of both Charles Sumner and Preston Brooks, its comprehensive coverage of pre- civil-war tensions and events, and its insight into how the caning locked pro- and anti- slavery forces on a tragic collision course.
[A] gripping, richly detailed, and well – written account of nineteenth – century America on the cusp of Civil War.”  — ForeWord Reviews, Winter 2013
The caning of Sumner made nearly every American choose sides. Puleo’s account of this choosing is fast – paced, well – researched, and poignant. It is also highly recommended. ”
— American Thinker
“What makes Puleo’s narrative distinctive is his insightful biographies of both Sumner and Brooks. Puleo strips away the ‘ stereotypical clichés.’
 – ForeWord Reviews
“Go buy [The Caning]. It will reassure you that our current Congress is not the most dysfunctional that the country has ever experienced.”
—Peter J. Reilly,
“The Caning is an engrossing story of violence made more resonant by our awareness of the bloodbath still to come, and essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the Civil War and its causes.”
— Russell S. Bonds, author of War Like the Thunderbolt: The Battle and Burning of Atlanta
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